April Newsletter

Hello everyone. Welcome to our new site. Each month we will be posting a monthly newsletter containing news and updates.

First off, we are still hard at work on our No More Bullying and Suicide campaign. Please check out our page on this site and our You Tube channel (Nlistic Media) for videos, a trailer for our documentary we are currently working on and testimonials. We are also asking for your help. If you have a story, testimonial or awareness information in your area, and you would like to share, please send an email to nomorebullyingandsuicide@gmail.com. Management will review your submission and if chosen, you will be profiled on here and our Facebook pages Nlistic Media and #NOMOREBULLYINGANDSUICIDE.

Secondly, we are still working on our Universal Love campaign. Please check out our page on this site, our Facebook page, or Twitter (@Nlisticmedia) for current testimonials and stories. If you wish to submit a testimonial or story, you can send them to Nlisticmedia@gmail.com (the N is lower case. I do apologize, my computer keeps autocorrecting). Upon submission, management will review your article. If chosen, you will be featured and given full recognition.

Next, April is National Poetry Month. Deon, Toy and Tanya will be writing original poetry and will be featuring it on here, and our Facebook page. Please check our work out and hopefully we will inspire people along the way.

As mentioned previously, we can be found on Facebook under Nlistic Media, Twitter, @Nlisticmedia, You Tube, Nlistic Media and Instagram under Nlistic Media. We are also found on www.reverbnation.com: Deon Ballard: D.B.Soul. Toy Honey: Toy Honey. Tanya Schuring: Nlistic Media Management. Please visit here and our other pages to keep up with the latest doings.

Finally, soon we will be launching a merchandise page on here. Available for purchase will be t-shirts, mugs and much more. Keep an eye out for that to launch.

That is a wrap for this month. Thank you to each and every one of you for supporting Nlistic Media.


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