Strength of Age

I can see your


But never once saw

Your flaws

Oceans of

Waves that crowns

Your face

Showing us

That numerous storms

Had passed

You helped us to be


To step off our arc

I saw you walking

With a limp

But I heard of days

You had walked

So many miles

For freedom

Even if your steps

Are slow now

Speed was never

Our determining factor


Because your movement

Always was on time

I wasn’t there to witness

Or help you

Battle your social injustice

But I’m here now to tell you

That you are much appreciated

Your not just a body

That looks as if its worn

From rights of humanity

That the powers that be

Had more than often torn

Through your life we triumph

So the red sea

That appears on

Your face so long ago

Departed it now becomes

Our trophy of faith

A sure sign of our creator

Abundance and grace …

Giving us serenity

In whats to come





By Deon Souldier Ballard





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