She wasn’t raised in the light

Her people were idolaters

Taught to live in the dark

She reached for the light
Married an Israelite

Their time was brief

Still held on to her belief

Journeyed with her mother-in-law

To the land of Bethlehem

Men of the land judged those

Who were from strangelands

Though she was a daughter

Of Moab

Her heart and soul belonged

To Israel

As she gleaned in the field for food

A kinsman of her departed husband

She met and fell in love with

Their union was difficult for

Another kinsman had claimed her

The man who she truly loved

Fought for her,

Their union,

And their life together

The battle was won once the kinsman

Released his claim on her

Boaz and Ruth married and conceived Obed

Who is the father of Jesse who later became

Father to David who would later become

King and pass down the title to his son


By Toyhoney

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