The Funk Master

In 1977 in Dayton,Ohio A new type of funk music was born in a Group called Zapp, Roger Troutman was the frontman. He was on the mic playing the guitar Or the keyboard singing And speaking through his infamous Talk box. Everywhere the band played from Montreal to Detroit the crowd went Wild on Computer … More The Funk Master

Who Shot Me

WHO shot me Was it cupid I heard he is packing heat Instead of arrows Guns and  lethal bullets I must be crazy playing Russian roulette  With my heart I repent but she never heard My pleas She trying to assassinate My character having me On my knees Love is a serious merger Never thought … More Who Shot Me

Royal Dreams

I dreamed I was a Queen Walking on the sand in Africa Wearing a black and fuscia Headscarf and dress Carrying a basket on my head I was spiritually  wealthy But didn’t live in a castle It didn’t change my walk, My train of thought No one could deny My faith and happiness Even though … More Royal Dreams

Let Us Grow

Promise me That you  will Smile like the sunshine Movement resembles the wind Hard to determine where it ends or begins Love in its deepest emotional state Comatose in its sweet nirvana Exhales our stressful days While we fill in the details Of our love escapades Engraving it on our hearts Solar passions As every moment … More Let Us Grow

Love Lost

Man meets young woman He romantically courts her After awhile she becomes Pregnant and later gives Birth to their only child Together They part ways He marries and starts a Family with another The young woman goes on With her and has a few more Children and never marries Years go by they grow older … More Love Lost

Strength of Age

I can see your Wrinkles But never once saw Your flaws Oceans of Waves that crowns Your face Showing us That numerous storms Had passed You helped us to be Ready To step off our arc I saw you walking With a limp But I heard of days You had walked So many miles For … More Strength of Age

Giving Thanks

I give thanks ’cause I’m alive I give thanks ’cause I’m at peace I have love of self, My mind and spirit is Free Once upon a time the breath In my body was almost taken I give thanks ’cause it wasn’t Taken My heart almost gave out on me I give thanks ’cause it … More Giving Thanks

Lord Knows

Lord knows I been under this bridge Hoping I’m over it My rap sheet Need folders Now I am warm But the world grows colder When you need support Where are the shoulders Even hands Looking in the mirror Singing I think I can Remembering the lord’s plan Distractions from My neighborhood is rampant Like … More Lord Knows

Political Mask

Anarchy is idea Chaos is a response Rioting is acting both Ruin this town Hoping to run your dark agenda Never would I surrender Fake political leaders.. Stand your ground Go to jail for protection Your right to bare arms tainted While your laws wears a black face As your earthly masters paints it   … More Political Mask

Joyful Song

There was candlelight Red roses, Surrounding the room Rose petals on the floor For me to stand on. I heard a tenor voice Start to sing a song of Romance The lyrics passionately Expressed How much I meant to him Reassurance that I deserved To be treated with genuine Love and respect That would be … More Joyful Song