Universal Love Stories and Testimonials

Universal Love is a movement about real love, marriage, and saving marriages. If you would like to share your personal story to encourage others send a photo and your story to thoney784@gmail.com. Much love and blessings, Toy.

“Love for God Almighty, spouse/significant other, family, your fellow man. This is Universal Love.”-Toyhoney

Universal Love Story:Garry and Sophia

“I met my wife at church  I had a crush on her for 3 years never told her. We were both dating other people at the time who both  seem to not take along to our walk with Christ. I remember  the day I first asked her out that was 2004. Christmas of 2005 I asked her to Marry me. Aug 26, 2006 we got married. We have been together for 14 years married for 11 years.”