October Newsletter

Dear Readers and Supporters, This month will be two years that we’ve had our radio station, Nlistic Radio. Thank you to everyone who has supported and also downloaded the app. We’re introducing our new show, N’Digo Jazz Show, which will be airing every Sunday at 9 pm eastern standard time. There will also be new … More October Newsletter

September Newsletter

Dear Readers and Supporters, As we’re approaching the autumn season we’ll be introducing new projects. On our radio station, Nlistic Radio we have new shows and new content on the existing shows. Make sure you check out I Know It Will (Better) by Vincent Becton on Tunecore, Amazon, and iTunes, and (Born Again) Seasons Of … More September Newsletter

August Newsletter

Dear Readers and Supporters, We are excited to once again share another month with you all. Thank you to everyone whom participated and also sponsored our movement of giving people alternative entertainment . Our dream always includes you the people who wants uplifting programming. A new show is premiering this month on Nlistic Radio that … More August Newsletter

July Newsletter

Dear Readers and Supporters, We hope you all enjoyed the tributes we shared in June honoring Black Music Month. In this month we will be shooting for our documentary, No More Bullying and Suicide if anyone has a testimony or story to share email us at nlisticmedia@gmail.com. Our online store, Souldiers Supply, is available we … More July Newsletter

June Newsletter

Dear Readers and Supporters, Welcome to Black Music Month, in the month of June we commemorate those artists who have made a great impact in our lives with their music. We’ll be premiering new episodes with new guests on our radio station, Nlistic Radio, of The Honey Spot, new legend editions of Spoken Revelations, and … More June Newsletter

May Newsletter

Dear Readers and Supporters, May 1st is our 25th anniversary. Due to covid we won’t have a big event but we celebrate in our hearts reaching this milestone, we are eternally grateful to all of those who have contributed, supported, and helped us along the way. There will be new shows and episodes of other … More May Newsletter

March Newsletter

Dear Readers and Supporters, Welcome to the month of March, this month is National Women’s History month and we’ll be honoring by sharing scribes and or articles of great women who have made history. Part two of the Slavery Docuseries is coming soon, part one is playing on Channel 49(www.channel49tv.com) we are also finishing other … More March Newsletter

February Newsletter

Dear Readers and Supporters, Last month we premiered a new show on our radio station, Nlistic Radio, called the Master Mix Show hosted by DJ Mike Nice it airs every Friday and Saturday night 9pm to 11pm eastern standard time. We would also like to welcome our new client gospel artist Stanley Ray Jr., we … More February Newsletter

Love Revolution

I heard them say the revolution would not be televised  but what about for our love revolution? I hope not only it will be televised but broadcast in every man and woman’s hearts especially in 2020 leading in 2021 . Let’s think about the word love and how we sing about it and dream of … More Love Revolution