Your Song

The reason Why I wrote These words Because I heard Your song You said you Wanted to be Boo’d Up But I thought I have given you Many clues In a line up Of a billion women You the only one I would choose Your song was nice For my soul Since the day We … More Your Song

Maestro of Love

Love was his melody It was a beautiful life subject That he knew so well Born in the south and grew up in South Central Love was the song that was sung through His bass baritone voice Through his music marriages were saved And babies were made Do you remember his Love’s Theme His vow … More Maestro of Love

Test of Love

Tongue and cheek Well I said Some things I should not have said Regret what I brought I paid to play Too late To take it all back My back against This wall Where should My tongue Reside I apologize My wants Followed My eyes Guilt wears a disguise To my surprise You saw through … More Test of Love

Hold To His Hand

Love has found me In the darkest places The smallest spaces Spoke from The meanest faces But joy wasn’t my toy Until I gave it credit Yes ..I said it Now I play With its abundance Chose it Because I was tired Of wondering When these walls Are going to squeeze Waiting for death Looking … More Hold To His Hand

The Queen of Soul

It’s quite amazing How you made Others feel The passion in your music Your gratuitous samples Of heartfelt soul Was like an interjection From a long difficult day The respect I give To your voice and words Only to a queen On a throne that was supported By devotion And her timeless music The pain … More The Queen of Soul

I Wanna Dance

I want to make up my face Put on a pretty dress, Short heel shoes, And dance under the disco ball. I want to move my feet, Sway my hips While my love spins and twirls me On the dance floor. I would love to salsa, Tango, Hustle, Two step, And slow dance to Smoothly … More I Wanna Dance

Fisher of Men

Fisher of men.. We all begin with a taste That engulfs us To our heighten reality We have to eat Whats now available To nurture our flesh So our temple Becomes instrumental I came into this world empty But still I’m here now mostly to give My life was given to enlighten others So selfish … More Fisher of Men


The beauty of every season The snow on trees, Spring blossoms, The color the leaves change Before they fall, The way the sun looks when it Rises and sets. First time meeting someone In hopes to court them, The look on their face When you’ve expressed what’s Genuinely in your heart, The emotion felt when … More Priceless

Shake It Off

Shake it off While the holy spirit Stirs it gift Inside your soul It also Provides your needed lift From this disparaging pit Where so many Once put your name Your good was spoken To be evil The bruises over your eyes Hurts But still praise The most high You could still see So your … More Shake It Off