No Casanova

What is the precise way to name A male who’s a slave to lust And has a troubled mind? Who have we heard of in the news That we can refer him to? Ted Bundy. Let me tell you this story A young man on the prowl for a Damsel in distress First one, was … More No Casanova

King Of Soul

Smoothness of his exquisite vibrato Resonating with so much passion And revelation by baring All through his enriched spirit With every note expressed In his own unique tailored way His gospel vocal techniques Were deeply laden In his quartet style roots As it stirs inside your soul Making a gourmet Of sweet melodies As it … More King Of Soul


He was young, Wise beyond his years A rapper, Actor, Activist, Poet, And a son. He was raised a soldier From a mother who was a black Panther. Malcolm X of our time Even though he succeeded To higher heights He never forgot about his people And their struggles For he’d been there and was … More Tupac

I Am Woman

I am woman A strong, intelligent Woman who happens To be black I am full of love And confidence Full of life and laughter I am everything you may Dislike and may envy But I am…..woman.   By Toyhoney  

A Share Affair

One shines inward Follow their silhouette While it beams of love Held back emotion Coasting on inner wisdom To be expressed Never to be second guessed Grabbing on wings of hope Flying towards the sun Trying to radiate to others What I hold inside So this ink becomes my rays That I emit This generosity … More A Share Affair

The Essence of Lauryn

L. Boogie sparks The mental Soothing sound Old school vibe New school live Princess of peace Queen of conscious Responsive worldly affairs Look up the hills Lauryn Hill cares When it’s hidden In this dark government This queen shares Message of an evangelist Words of protest Angela Davis Epic like Harriet Tubman Songstress of ethnic … More The Essence of Lauryn

Our Bond

Love is a common bond Between us. Both have the empathy and Compassion to help us others We’re soldiers for the cause of Humanity. Our reality is not as beautiful as our Homeland could be. Outsiders envy what we have Although distance separates us Physically We’re never too far apart. One day soon The distance … More Our Bond

The Weight of Wait

This life holds weight Containing pleasure And pain We could use it Or abuse it With our depression It could keep you stable Or totally soak you With its waves of change While you feel So heavy The sun will Dry up the burdens That surrounds you Its presence maybe So hot at first But … More The Weight of Wait

God’s Math

I’ve been laughed at Been talked about Doubt was on Everyone’s mind When I walked in many rooms But the sun always comes out In the morning When there is constant mourning A runt of the litter But God was my baby sitter He often rocked me asleep When tears drenched my pillow He allowed … More God’s Math