The Weight of Wait

This life holds weight Containing pleasure And pain We could use it Or abuse it With our depression It could keep you stable Or totally soak you With its waves of change While you feel So heavy The sun will Dry up the burdens That surrounds you Its presence maybe So hot at first But … More The Weight of Wait

God’s Math

I’ve been laughed at Been talked about Doubt was on Everyone’s mind When I walked in many rooms But the sun always comes out In the morning When there is constant mourning A runt of the litter But God was my baby sitter He often rocked me asleep When tears drenched my pillow He allowed … More God’s Math

May News Update

Hello everyone, Nlistic Media enjoyed every bit of celebrating National Poetry Month in April.  However, changes were made at the end of the month. We are still working on the campaigns Universal Love and No More Bullying and Suicide, for testimonials on self-love, renewing a relationship with a loved one and love stories you can … More May News Update

She Went Away

It was a hot day in July When I got one of the worse Calls you can get in life The call about the loss of a loved one I was told it was announced on the radio My Aunt Julita had passed on At first I thought it to be a cruel joke, but … More She Went Away

Mother of A Nation

She was a queen, First Lady, Wife, Mother, A souldierette for the Cause of apartheid. Educated in social work when She met the love of her life,Nelson Who was a lawyer.   When Madiba was locked down She held it down And fought by any means necessary She kept her sanity even when Confined for … More Mother of A Nation

Too Lost to See

The path of The few the turn of The many the questions That are filled with emptiness Creating bigger voids by Dispelling truth never Coming close to who we Really are I understand Why we are lost at sea we Are called sailboats but Without any sails our mother Can’t sew while our dads Are … More Too Lost to See

Memories of Summer

I remember playing jump Rope with my cousins, Drinking grape soda and eating Peanuts, Laughing at the older people Who were drunk and dancing Witnessing my great grandmother Spreading the icing on her famous Caramel cake…mmmm Those were the good old days When we had family reunions Every year and didn’t wait Until a funeral … More Memories of Summer

My April Joy

A poem was born for me On a cool day in April. She had silk and curly hair, Crying from the happiness Of being birthed into an imperfect World, A more beautiful version of myself. We have a bond only a mother And daughter will understand I wanted to pay a permanent tribute to Maya … More My April Joy

A Dream That Almost Died

Fifty years ago A king with a dream Was taken from us People cried, Rioted, Screamed, Believing that dream Won’t come to pass….. Has it or do we have yet to Experience that dream? Rest peacefully Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. By Toyhoney