Teddy’s Swing

He fused the music of R&B,gospel, Jazz and Hip Hop and called it New Jack Swing Harlem is his home from the church he Developed his love for music to St. Nicholas, To The Rooftop Jam for me Teddy on those keys You play soulfully Play your Harlem Swing Goodbye Love, Tell Me What You … More Teddy’s Swing

Mr. Swing

His talent and music genius is Unrecognized, Unique, And unsung. Born from the gospel roots of Virginia Where he learned to sing and Play the piano among other Instruments As he grew older he honed Those blessed gifts Became a member of a group Dubbed “The Bad Boys of R&B” Everyone wanted to sing to … More Mr. Swing

Soul Legend

  Tomorrow is when I celebrate This legend who wasn’t a myth A master teacher with a golden gift Whose words of sonic speech Becomes his global outreach Tomorrow I would celebrate A person who made songs For love never hate Today is his anniversary of death Tomorrow I will celebrate The immense legacy He … More Soul Legend