Teddy’s Swing

He fused the music of R&B,gospel,

Jazz and Hip Hop and called it

New Jack Swing

Harlem is his home from the church he

Developed his love for music to

St. Nicholas,

To The Rooftop

Jam for me Teddy on those keys

You play soulfully

Play your Harlem Swing

Goodbye Love,

Tell Me What You Like,

In The Closet,

Never Gonna Let You Go.

Mr. Riley There’s Something About The

Way You Do What You Do

Is there  A Right and A Wrong Way

I look forward to the day where I can watch

You do what you do best

And I will say jam for me Teddy

Make It Last Forever  ‘cause

Something Just Ain’t Right about today’s music

We need great producers like you in the forefront

So come on Teddy jam for me

I’m feeling good ‘cause I

Just Got Paid

By Toyhoney

teddy riley

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