The beauty of every season The snow on trees, Spring blossoms, The color the leaves change Before they fall, The way the sun looks when it Rises and sets. First time meeting someone In hopes to court them, The look on their face When you’ve expressed what’s Genuinely in your heart, The emotion felt when … More Priceless

Shake It Off

Shake it off While the holy spirit Stirs it gift Inside your soul It also Provides your needed lift From this disparaging pit Where so many Once put your name Your good was spoken To be evil The bruises over your eyes Hurts But still praise The most high You could still see So your … More Shake It Off

Where’s The Music?

I’m putting an APB out for Real music. For sometime there’s been a Battle between real artists And artificial ones. What happened to the real Stories of love, and real issues Told through music, the kind that Inspired others to do something? What happened to the music? The instruments played to make Classics, The piano, … More Where’s The Music?

Left to Write

Left alone Or left behind Left from right Or I am right To be left By myself Destiny calls I’m no child Anymore No longer I don’t Need a trio To sing me A love song This affair Always been wrong Trying to make It right When I do I’m always left With self These … More Left to Write

Step Out On Faith

The wait can be The heaviest weight But the pressure It may reveal Secures you will not This time fails And interrupt your Joyful thoughts Be patient In your supplications Never passive Work while it’s your day For the night Becomes difficult to see And over hear The abundance of nocturnal life In your forest … More Step Out On Faith

Vintage Love

After months of admiring from afar Finally he was encouraged to spark Up a conversation. When the DJ played a slow jam From a 90s R&B group whose music We’re both fans of. He asked for a dance I accepted. While we’re dancing the conversation Becomes intimate as we continuously Gaze in each other’s eyes … More Vintage Love


He was born in Philadelphia Raised in Cleveland Singing was his first and Only love He taught the young generation How to truly keep soul music Alive His voice deep, soulful and Seductive He’d sing about love lost And love gained What fans loved most about him Is his funky and dope way of Expressing … More Gerald

Water Reign

We must go Through this fire Endure the pressure Of heavy rain Our circumstances Often dances with Phenomenal fate You wonder how further Could someone go With all this hate Love locks in our hope When others around Use this physical world To get by on unwarranted Treasures That could rust and locusts Could consume … More Water Reign

Heart of a Fighter

I’ve been abused Been called every name Except the child of God Enough dirt thrown on My name to bury me Still I came out on top My Savior said ‘if they Hate you remember they hated Me first’. I hurt, Cry, Bleed, Just like everyone else. Through the grace of God I’m alive I’ve … More Heart of a Fighter