No Pain, No Gain

No pain, no gain 

Ms. Betty you are 

So correct with 

Your flight 

You are a trailblazer 

You flew so far 

In life  

As you would leave

 Your light 

In your listeners

Dark thoughts 

Your artistry shimmered  

Through your songwriting  

That was intricately laced

Resonating with your 

Soulful  gospel vocals  

Enjoyous to our ears 

To remember 

Southern bell that would ring

Her thoughts so frankly

Through her music and 

Her views  

She was blessed 

So  young with a powerful voice 

Turn into a mature woman 

In front of our eyes 

Told us what to come 

With all our tries 

We have to fight 

And many times 

We may be wounded 

Ensure us in our daunting times

Success beholds a vine 

That we all could swing

 One  day towards  victory 

Ms. Wright…. You are right 

Your life was the light

Showing us even 

Through  our trials  

One can catapult to a positive 

Aim hopefully we can all 

 Look at your beautiful

Majestic   life 

Never to be ashamed of 

What it seems to 

Be…. no hurt, becomes no change 

By Deon Souldier Ballard

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