The Funk Master

In 1977 in Dayton,Ohio A new type of funk music was born in a Group called Zapp, Roger Troutman was the frontman. He was on the mic playing the guitar Or the keyboard singing And speaking through his infamous Talk box. Everywhere the band played from Montreal to Detroit the crowd went Wild on Computer … More The Funk Master

Teddy’s Swing

He fused the music of R&B and Hip Hop and called it New Jack Swing Harlem is his home from the church he Developed his love for music to the St. Nicholas Houses to The Rooftop Jam for me Teddy on those keys You play soulfully Play your Harlem Swing Goodbye Love, Tell Me What … More Teddy’s Swing

Mr. Swing

His talent and music genius is Unrecognized, Unique, And unsung. Born from the gospel roots of Virginia Where he learned to sing and Play the piano among other Instruments As he grew older he honed Those blessed gifts Became a member of a group Dubbed “The Bad Boys of R&B” Everyone wanted to sing to … More Mr. Swing

Maestro of Love

Love was his melody It was a beautiful life subject That he knew so well Born in the south and grew up in South Central Love was the song that was sung through His bass baritone voice Through his music marriages were saved And babies were made Do you remember his Love’s Theme His vow … More Maestro of Love

The Queen of Soul

It’s quite amazing How you made Others feel The passion in your music Your gratuitous samples Of heartfelt soul Was like an interjection From a long difficult day The respect I give To your voice and words Only to a queen On a throne that was supported By devotion And her timeless music The pain … More The Queen of Soul


He was born in Philadelphia Raised in Cleveland Singing was his first and Only love He taught the young generation How to truly keep soul music Alive His voice deep, soulful and Seductive He’d sing about love lost And love gained What fans loved most about him Is his funky and dope way of Expressing … More Gerald

Classy Lady

She was a lady of class A voice of jazz Who embodied pizzazz. Intolerant of racism and sexism. A smile that shined brighter Than the sun Eyes full of love and compassion Spirit of a warrior. Expressed herself through song Soulfully. She was a humble lady Who would mingle with high society Not find their … More Classy Lady

King Of Soul

Smoothness of his exquisite vibrato Resonating with so much passion And revelation by baring All through his enriched spirit With every note expressed In his own unique tailored way His gospel vocal techniques Were deeply laden In his quartet style roots As it stirs inside your soul Making a gourmet Of sweet melodies As it … More King Of Soul


He was young, Wise beyond his years A rapper, Actor, Activist, Poet, And a son. He was raised a soldier From a mother who was a black Panther. Malcolm X of our time Even though he succeeded To higher heights He never forgot about his people And their struggles For he’d been there and was … More Tupac