He was born in Philadelphia Raised in Cleveland Singing was his first and Only love He taught the young generation How to truly keep soul music Alive His voice deep, soulful and Seductive He’d sing about love lost And love gained What fans loved most about him Is his funky and dope way of Expressing … More Gerald

Classy Lady

She was a lady of class A voice of jazz Who embodied pizzazz. Intolerant of racism and sexism. A smile that shined brighter Than the sun Eyes full of love and compassion Spirit of a warrior. Expressed herself through song Soulfully. She was a humble lady Who would mingle with high society Not find their … More Classy Lady

King Of Soul

Smoothness of his exquisite vibrato Resonating with so much passion And revelation by baring All through his enriched spirit With every note expressed In his own unique tailored way His gospel vocal techniques Were deeply laden In his quartet style roots As it stirs inside your soul Making a gourmet Of sweet melodies As it … More King Of Soul


He was young, Wise beyond his years A rapper, Actor, Activist, Poet, And a son. He was raised a soldier From a mother who was a black Panther. Malcolm X of our time Even though he succeeded To higher heights He never forgot about his people And their struggles For he’d been there and was … More Tupac

The Essence of Lauryn

L. Boogie sparks The mental Soothing sound Old school vibe New school live Princess of peace Queen of conscious Responsive worldly affairs Look up the hills Lauryn Hill cares When it’s hidden In this dark government This queen shares Message of an evangelist Words of protest Angela Davis Epic like Harriet Tubman Songstress of ethnic … More The Essence of Lauryn

Mother of A Nation

She was a queen, First Lady, Wife, Mother, A souldierette for the Cause of apartheid. Educated in social work when She met the love of her life,Nelson Who was a lawyer.   When Madiba was locked down She held it down And fought by any means necessary She kept her sanity even when Confined for … More Mother of A Nation

A Dream That Almost Died

Fifty years ago A king with a dream Was taken from us People cried, Rioted, Screamed, Believing that dream Won’t come to pass….. Has it or do we have yet to Experience that dream? Rest peacefully Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. By Toyhoney