The Queen of Soul

It’s quite amazing

How you made

Others feel

The passion in your music

Your gratuitous samples

Of heartfelt soul

Was like an interjection

From a long difficult day

The respect I give

To your voice and words

Only to a queen

On a throne that was supported

By devotion

And her timeless music

The pain made you cry

Its story made you

Fly into an arena of

Pop soul and rock

In which you excelled

To insure

Even through the toils

Of life you can still

Be a natural woman

I have to be frank and honest

Without the beauty of your sound

That resonated through you

All these years

A lot of singers and musician

Would even have the chance

Today to be very successful

Because you inspired artist

To be who they are

Without compromising

It was okay for us to be activist’s

And humanitarian’s

Even if we suffered abuse

Earlier in our lives

She was a fortified voice

On stage and off

That shared her gift first in church

Because her vocals were incomparable

Her playing of the piano

Was by only ear

She demanded the stage

This is why her legacy will

Never fade

Unforgettable artist of this age

Aretha Franklin you raised the bar

Your triumphs and talents you left behind

Is now shimmering over

Us like a star


By Deon Souldier Ballard


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