Hold To His Hand

Love has found me
In the darkest places
The smallest spaces
Spoke from
The meanest faces
But joy wasn’t my toy
Until I gave it credit
Yes ..I said it
Now I play
With its abundance
Chose it
Because I was tired
Of wondering
When these walls
Are going to squeeze
Waiting for death
Looking at the Grim Reaper’s
Grin …
While sitting in my traitors
Where lions , tigers and bears
Await to eat my flesh
When I  would totally give in
My self-medicating sin
Taking flights to
Find my high
I never left this ground
So deep in my depression
Couldn’t hear any sound
The bay was hard
To cross
Without a vessel to float on
But my creator paid
My cost
Took my keys back
For the ignition of my life
I sit closely with him
Holding onto his throne
So deeply his love
For me became
So strong
This way
Even between my rock
And hard places
I’m never alone


By Deon Souldier Ballard


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