Rockin’ His Passion

Rocks was put in front 

Of him to stumble  

While his earth 

Was deeply shaken 

By growing up 

In a sharecropping 

And bootlegging  


Never did he crumble 

Those rocks that were 

 Under his soles 

 Did though…

As he made it 

Just  miniscule 

Dust under his feet

His voice  

Would reach

 Angelic realms 

Featuring his coarse vibrato

To stir your soul 

Made those piano 

Keys scream

As his fingers slid 

Vigorously on those 

Ebony and ivories  

 A bluesy sonnet soar 

Millions could not ignore 

At the time his  signature 

Was the Original 

For those boring  

Ears out there 

He was surely the cure   

As his gifts would steadily 


Giving us sounds that sold 

To tower upon the status of 

RIAA gold 

In all his monetary 

Success he still wondered

 About his salvation of his soul  

He birthed a new genre of music 

Called Rock ‘n’ Roll 

But the crown was taken  

To the lesser 

His music was powerful 

He was soulful and comical 

Do not ever forget 

He was a musical genius

While he entertained 

As you may have laughed.  

Confident in his strides 

As he  walked in his pain 

In a positive light 

Always talking  about his creator 

Preaching after this life 

He prepared a place 

For his children to live better. 

By Deon Souldier Ballard

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