May Newsletter

Dear Readers and Supporters,

First we would like to thank those who has continued to support our company, on the 1st of this month we celebrate 24 years of being in business. This month is National Blood Pressure Month so we want to encourage you all to please exercise, stay healthy, keep away from people and things that could cause stress, stress is one of the major causes for high blood pressure.

Secondly we have postponed dates for filming No More Bullying and Suicide film due to what’s going on. We are still working on new music for Toyhoney among other upcoming projects. There are new promotional packages for those who seek exposure for their brand. Shout out to Amar Taborn for being a guest on The Honey Spot, and Beverly Black of Gumbo Soul.

Thank you all again for continuing to support us please spread the word to everyone who is looking for exposure for their brand to send in a picture, bio, mp3 music link to our email

God Bless You All,

Nlistic Media

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