Love Revolution

I heard them say the revolution would not be televised  but what about for our love revolution? I hope not only it will be televised but broadcast in every man and woman’s hearts especially in 2020 leading in 2021 . Let’s think about the word love and how we sing about it and dream of its content but it seems  every year we become further from its essence. We need more love but first we need a base. I think it should be understanding  so just like there will be no justice or peace. We need understanding to retrieve true love.  

The front lines of love, what will it look like today . I must ask myself. My opinion it would be our family or the ones closest  to us . We must spread love in close proximity for us to connect with the base and  to me and that is   family. The families are attacked everyday through social engineering by total discouragement of matrimony and a raised level of narcissism.

 We are so involved in getting the  money bags but never realizing we are getting bagged with deceit and  total division .  The revolution’s first shots should be against  this miseducation bag that was  created for us ‘to be trashed and burned . 

This fight would not be successful if we do not work as a unit . We need each other no matter what walls the media puts up to increase hatred fluidity.  Misinformation becomes the ammo they use to confuse to  promote this fear that brings us further apart.  This is why we fight with the truth using  our motivation to be filled with love for our nation, that will always add a major dent into their falsehoods. The revolt has to be strong and effective to combat the damage that’s already been done.  The effects are so devastating people are not even investigating facts but cultivating  hyperactive emotions and sensationalism. 

Love is an emotion but as you know now emotional truth has to be achieved to reach its pinnacle. We do not fall in love or we shouldn’t have fantasy for it  but have its complete authenticity. Once we find that in our peers we can learn to accept them better. We build  more emotional ties to them. Love revolution is for us to expose the ones who use fake expectations to confuse us with real emotion. 

We heard  a lot about fake news in 2019-2020 that added more  division through bipartisanship of our government. 

 They use non truths to bring more chaos. This type of mind games reminds of the shenanigans that teenagers often use in grade school. 

Those who use these devious methods are many times  enemies of love. We must revolt and show true emotions for our fellow mankind. Love should be the real establishment but built  never based on falsehood  but real representation. John F. Kennedy said,  “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.” We are asking our country  for love  that will always lead to transparency for our nation to become great again.  

By Deon Souldier Ballard

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