July Newsletter

Dear Readers and Supporters, In the month of July we have a new show on our television station called 4 Us Forum with hosts Evangelist Lee Rice, Dr. Rander Rice, Bishop Lawrence White with moderator Deon Ballard on Nlistic TV. There’s also a new episode of Generation N4ourmation hosted by Deon Ballard with guest Alexis … More July Newsletter

December Newsletter

Dear Readers and Supporters, Thank you for another great year!! Our radio station celebrated its first year with a variety of shows, artists, radio show hosts and awesome guests. We start our break on December 15th to January 15th if you wish to make a submission to have your music played or to be a … More December Newsletter

December Newsletter

Dear Readers and Supporters,   2018 has been a great year for Nlistic Media and 2019 will be even greater.   D.B Soul and Toyhoney both have upcoming projects starting on New Years Day 2019. We will be closing for the year on December 15th we greatly appreciate the love and support during this year.  The … More December Newsletter

Your Song

The reason Why I wrote These words Because I heard Your song You said you Wanted to be Boo’d Up But I thought I have given you Many clues In a line up Of a billion women You the only one I would choose Your song was nice For my soul Since the day We … More Your Song

The Weight of Wait

This life holds weight Containing pleasure And pain We could use it Or abuse it With our depression It could keep you stable Or totally soak you With its waves of change While you feel So heavy The sun will Dry up the burdens That surrounds you Its presence maybe So hot at first But … More The Weight of Wait

God’s Math

I’ve been laughed at Been talked about Doubt was on Everyone’s mind When I walked in many rooms But the sun always comes out In the morning When there is constant mourning A runt of the litter But God was my baby sitter He often rocked me asleep When tears drenched my pillow He allowed … More God’s Math

Too Lost to See

The path of The few the turn of The many the questions That are filled with emptiness Creating bigger voids by Dispelling truth never Coming close to who we Really are I understand Why we are lost at sea we Are called sailboats but Without any sails our mother Can’t sew while our dads Are … More Too Lost to See

Soul Legend

  Tomorrow is when I celebrate This legend who wasn’t a myth A master teacher with a golden gift Whose words of sonic speech Becomes his global outreach Tomorrow I would celebrate A person who made songs For love never hate Today is his anniversary of death Tomorrow I will celebrate The immense legacy He … More Soul Legend