God’s Math

I’ve been laughed at

Been talked about

Doubt was on

Everyone’s mind

When I walked in many rooms

But the sun always comes out

In the morning

When there is constant mourning

A runt of the litter

But God was my baby sitter

He often rocked me asleep

When tears drenched my pillow

He allowed me to laugh

When he added

When many thought

Subtraction of my blessings

Would be my ultimate math

He told me let them talk

Let them bear false witness

As they hold my past

For my future

They could never measure

My life with a thousands rulers

Insuring me

He was my

True creator of my journey

Usher me to realize

Because of his love

I have become a real ruler

Over my insecurities and strife

He caused major breakthroughs

In my life


By Deon Souldier Ballard

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