Your Song

The reason

Why I wrote

These words

Because I heard

Your song

You said you

Wanted to be

Boo’d Up

But I thought I have given you

Many clues

In a line up

Of a billion women

You the only one I would choose

Your song was nice

For my soul

Since the day

We first talked

My attempt was

To make you

My eternal goal

I instantly wanted

To mend that bruise

The lacerations across your heart

You warned me to stay away

Pleasing to me

Now you want this level

I was waiting as you wanted mustard

All I needed on it was ketchup

On this sandwich of devotion

As we consume with both

Of our hearts open

I am already there with a broom

To jump

We have something new

And borrowed

Also something blue

Forever I would stay true

Boo’d Up was the song

Was that light that brought me

Closer to you



By Deon Souldier Ballard


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