Autumn Bliss

It was a beautifully warm

Autumn Sunday a few days

Shy of the official day of the

Fall season.

I stared out the window at the

Altar where I would say the vows

That would change my life forever



Prayed that nothing and no one

Would ruin this day.

With my bouquet in my hand

I walked down the leafy path toward my groom

Stood next to him in my white, strapless

Chiffon gown admiring him in his

Navy blue suit

We both vowed to take each other as

Husband and wife,

In sickness and health,

Better or worse,

Rich and poor,

As long as we both shall live

Spiritually we vowed forever

And exchanged rings

Sealed with a kiss

I held his hand as we were introduced as

Mr. and Mrs.

Our first meal as spouses was

A delicious West Indian feast

Before our first dance we fed each other

Red velvet cake

Then we slow danced to a song by one of

Our favorite R&B groups that helped us

Fall in love

As we left for our honeymoon

I smiled with joy in my heart

Remembering our day


By Toyhoney


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