She Went Away

It was a hot day in July

When I got one of the worse

Calls you can get in life

The call about the loss of a loved one

I was told it was announced on the radio

My Aunt Julita had passed on

At first I thought it to be a cruel joke, but

It was true

I became very devastated

Started reminiscing on times I had with her

I admired her a great deal for her loving spirit,

Angelic singing voice, her beauty, and the classy

Way she carried herself

I cried.

Then I asked myself how did she die?

She had lived for many years with a disease

That can be mysterious and dangerous

She smiled and laughed no matter what

This disease called Lupus had put her through

I cried, and cried more

I wished I had spent more time with her

Having a close bond with her

I cried even more the rest of the month of July

At the thought of her still I see her smile

By  Toyhoney

Photo by Sowren Debbarman on

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