Summer Love

First day of summer

Reminds me of sweet smells

Others barbecuing

While having sand

Between our toes

On our intimate beach

The hue of the sea

Meets the sky

The motions

Of the glistening


As together we watch

Matching exactly

Like the sparkles

In your eyes

The sum of us

Bonded together

Our embrace

Lays under a nice

Palm tree

That sways ever so


But our love

Becomes so still

Composed in delightful

Free will

Like the first rays of this season light

I experienced

Inspires me to

Love you

With all my might

The sight of you

Even better

Than the ambiance

That so closely

Surrounds your body

As your skin becomes

Kissed by its illumination

A warm breeze

Adds to your touch

Of devotion and trust

By Deon Souldier Ballard

silhouette photo of man and woman kisses between body of water
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