Step Out On Faith

The wait can be
The heaviest weight
But the pressure
It may reveal
Secures you will not
This time fails
And interrupt your
Joyful thoughts
Be patient
In your supplications
Never passive
Work while it’s your day
For the night
Becomes difficult to see
And over hear
The abundance of nocturnal life
In your forest
But your soul gains more clarity
The diamond in your center
Shows beauty and strength
Even more..
Showing and glowing
For others may see
Frailty of minutes inside
Its hours that turn
Into discouraging weeks
Of desperation
The wait for your medicine
Until liberation
From your constant circumstance
Hopefully to build
Your spiritual immune system
Withstand in his anointed tarry
Never abort this holy territory
Keep the faith in God’s plan

By Deon Souldier Ballard


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