Shake It Off

Shake it off
While the holy spirit
Stirs it gift
Inside your soul
It also
Provides your needed lift
From this disparaging pit
Where so many
Once put your name
Your good was spoken
To be evil
The bruises over your eyes
But still praise
The most high
You could still see
So your visions
Remains in this clear
Wide open
Not just your shoulder
But your whole body
Should be shaken
From all the dirt that
Weighs on your mind
Showing that dark hole
Never will ever deter
You from your goals
Every shovel that dug
Those ditches for your demise
Would be the same
Tools used to break
Your new spiritual ground
For a territory
Ordained for you to build
For only his holy will
So shake off every worry
Because our master
Becomes the author and
Finisher in all our stories
So move closer
And become encouraged
Moving toward his grace and glory
By Deon Souldier Ballard


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