If I…

If I ruled the world
I wouldn’t be a ruler
Never could I measure
A love given
To the masses to treasure
Sacrifices of his pleasure
A true gift of devotion
Portions of oceans
Cleansing for faith
To purge from hate
A second chance
Becomes awaited
By the third
Increasing wisdom
By holy text
As our steps enlighten
Like Micheal Jackson
In Billie Jean
Allowing our weight
To balance on his word
A reward we haven’t seen
To embrace such a love
We must believe
Arms to hold back
When oppositions’
Walls has been made
Keeping the hope of change
At times we lack
The insight
Halloween maybe constant
In our times
But he brightens
This fright night
He even rules
In the dark
Even if
He is there as a spark
The master of our universe
His canvas of life
Soulful is his art
If you want to change
Its dismal contrast
Stay fervent and prayerful
Contorted slightly but still ask
This too shall pass


By Deon Souldier Ballard


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