Beautiful Reality

The reality of pure truth

Hasn’t been revealed

Our minds could

Receive its wisdom

In the form of this imagination

Imagine a nation

Where poverty doesn’t exists

Money wouldn’t be a problem

So other situations

Could be handled

Allowing our minds to rightfully think

Where the kool aid they add

Wasn’t always pink

Where education doesn’t resemble

A sink another great mind

Becomes filtered down this drain

Where racism connects like a train

Face down free falls like a plane

That was weighted by programmed

Rain but this plague becomes

Very vague people are dying fast

And also slow but we still


Carvings in caves while

Our youth misbehaves

Then we say we have been

Set free but deep in our hearts

We know we are still slaves

When reality becomes a bad dream

Trying to escape it like a genie

Inside a bottle remember

The plane head first full throttle

We want to reign not to deal

With all this precipitation

From our prescriptions

This is when reality becomes

Truly our drug we often

Over compensate trying to

Fly away from hate

Whether it’s from outside

Or inside our gate



By  Deon Souldier Ballard

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