Joyful Song

There was candlelight

Red roses,

Surrounding the room

Rose petals on the floor

For me to stand on.

I heard a tenor voice

Start to sing a song of


The lyrics passionately


How much I meant to him

Reassurance that I deserved

To be treated with genuine

Love and respect

That would be his goal

For as long as he lives.

He loves me

Just as I am

Says he wants to be my king

If I agree to be his queen


Tears stream down my face

My heart skips a beat waiting

For what’s next to be said.

“Will you marry me?

I don’t want to live my life

Without you.

Will you be my wife?”

My heart is relieved

The beat goes back to normal

I accept his proposal

As our lips meet with a kiss

And we embrace while

Afterwards he slides the ring on

My finger

We dance as he sings the song

Of a thankful heart




By Toyhoney

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