Lord Knows

Lord knows
I been under this bridge
Hoping I’m over it
My rap sheet
Need folders
Now I am warm
But the world grows colder
When you need support
Where are the shoulders
Even hands
Looking in the mirror
Singing I think I can
Remembering the lord’s plan
Distractions from
My neighborhood is rampant
Like I said before
I been under this establishment
Lords knows
Far too long
Please restore my faith
When I have to withstand
This immense hate
Hotter than any pepper
Been to Chicago plenty of times
But never been to Iraq
My ambition change
Not chasing platinum plaques
Just to get up my people
Who are lying life less
On their backs
Who suffered from
Generational uses of crack
Who fell through the cracks
Telling what they could use
To soothe those cracks
From their souls
Exchanging this animosity
Energy for possible eternal goals
Time for all of us to be on top
We have to cross this bridge
Because lord knows from under it
No humanity could successfully live
By Deon Souldier Ballard

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