Matrimony On My Mind

What I'm going to do 

When suddenly marriage 

In my minds starts to brew 

I'm tired of being 

In this same soup kitchen 

There is a feast in my life 

I'm terribly missing 

My friends say I'm tripping 

I told him if I'm tripping 

I'm not going to trip no more 

Only one more time 

Traveling to our honeymoon 

Thinking of this beautiful place 

My plans in holiness to score 

Sinning is such a chore 

I don't want to feel guilty no more 

I am going to do this 

No more procrastinating 

I do...for life is what I'm saying 

Playing house 

Brings on droughts 

Infinity in matrimony 

This is where true love 

Of the Most High God 

Is about .... 

Without him and my queen 

I don't want to do without 

By Deon Souldier Ballard

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