My Fare

Look at my closed captions

If you want to have a dead ear

To my story

I recollect

Like it was yesterday

If this day will never come

Then  would be explaining

How my heart

Would had been still numb

I decided to make a turn around

On my carousel of decisions

Riding was fun for a moment

Then I found

This type of gravity

Was becoming my real opponent

He decided my up and downs

The soul controller of my moving ground

I had to get off this merry go around

Wasn’t fun anymore

I pleaded for help

I was distraught I couldn’t save myself

At this county fair wasn’t fair

An old man I didn’t know

Paid my costly fare

He told me to step down

I was so lethargic and dizzy

But by his guiding hand

I found stable ground

The soul controller was very angry

He mumbled inside his voice

Saying your child made this choice

The old man said my ride was inhumane

Sadistic and he had enough

Seeing much lamenting and hurting

He came down to relieve

My constant strain of inconsistent living

He told this evil soul controller

 Had moved him with blinders

To heighten his fear

He said I’m going to restore his vision

Showing me love that’s so sincere

I chose another place to go

In his sanctuary now I’m finding my glee

Assuring my last payment was worthless

The controller had my soul discounted

My fare wasn’t FAIR at all…






By Deon Souldier Ballard




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