Breath of Expression

Inception of duress 
The test 
Two outcomes 
The vest 
Inside conundrums 
Beating away 
From your heart 
Time gifts 
But its also 
A native giver 
So the gimmicks of 
A gift horse 
May end 
And you don't have a 
Saddle to ride off 
In the sunset 
No more happiness 
But a piece of this 3.14 
Most of it had been 
Distributed by his imps 
You longing for fresh air 
So you stay close 
To the vents to invent 
How to release your expressions 
Because inside you are looking 
For progression 
Deception becomes the riddle 
And its answers 
Are far from view 
But touching could be 
More advantageous 
Soulfully there is no limit 
In your faith

By Deon Souldier Ballard  

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