Music of Life

The gleam

Of words

That simulate thought

The horizon

Being like a human

Musical medley

But its songs are not


Variations of sound

When falsettos

Are deep

When screams

Are high

When pigeons

Have wings

But we think

Only eagles

Could fly

Words depicts

While we kill

With our dedicated

Doctrines and laws

Two sides of a coin

Heads are chopped off

As well as tails

So who is more human

Too words we are all

Just who we really are

A silhouette

A signal

Of please don’t forget

Or in my regret

I haven’t said these

Words yet

We hide behind

As we draws lines

That we cant cross

Words are powerful

As we try to manipulate

Truly the real boss

Can’t turn it on or off

By Deon Souldier Ballard

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