Took from your rib

Don’t you know?

She still helps

Protect your heart

Return the favor

By protecting hers

Some say

She is your better half

But all she does makes

My family complete

And whole

She was made

To reach down deep

And uplift your soul

Her history is much

More than

What I can say

In words

Or even what I was told

She becomes bold at the

Same time vulnerable

Ask me why ?

She was made that way

To be sensitive

Of her surroundings

Because if you can’t feel

You would be caught up

By the spinning reel

Of untruths

So while we fish

Others look for us

On their gourmet dish

She becomes your


In the back

Of your head

Keep you in the present

So you won’t be just history

Dreams of her complete pleasure

How we are mostly led

By Deon Souldier Ballard

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