Love Lost

Man meets young woman He romantically courts her After awhile she becomes Pregnant and later gives Birth to their only child Together They part ways He marries and starts a Family with another The young woman goes on With her life and has a few more Children and never marries Years go by they grow … More Love Lost

Joyful Song

There was candlelight Red roses, Surrounding the room Rose petals on the floor For me to stand on. I heard a tenor voice Start to sing a song of Romance The lyrics passionately Expressed How much I meant to him Reassurance that I deserved To be treated with genuine Love and respect That would be … More Joyful Song

Revealed by Love

She helped me Find my smile She told me It was in my own closet Somehow I forgot it I guess I was trying To protect it Nothing was funny Life is no joke This is how I would deflect it There it was Hanging upside down She found it before it became A skeleton … More Revealed by Love

Please Understand

If I have ever made You feel less than The man you are, I’m sorry Understand my biggest fear Is my painful history repeating I’ve always took heed to The warnings my intuition Gives me I no longer want my heart To bleed From entrusting it to the Wrong man I stand before you in … More Please Understand

Autumn Bliss

It was a beautifully warm Autumn Sunday a few days Shy of the official day of the Fall season. I stared out the window at the Altar where I would say the vows That would change my life forever Nervous, Excited, Prayed that nothing and no one Would ruin this day. With my bouquet in … More Autumn Bliss

Your Song

The reason Why I wrote These words Because I heard Your song You said you Wanted to be Boo’d Up But I thought I have given you Many clues In a line up Of a billion women You the only one I would choose Your song was nice For my soul Since the day We … More Your Song

Test of Love

Tongue and cheek Well I said Some things I should not have said Regret what I brought I paid to play Too late To take it all back My back against This wall Where should My tongue Reside I apologize My wants Followed My eyes Guilt wears a disguise To my surprise You saw through … More Test of Love

I Wanna Dance

I want to make up my face Put on a pretty dress, Short heel shoes, And dance under the disco ball. I want to move my feet, Sway my hips While my love spins and twirls me On the dance floor. I would love to salsa, Tango, Hustle, Two step, And slow dance to Smoothly … More I Wanna Dance


The beauty of every season The snow on trees, Spring blossoms, The color the leaves change Before they fall, The way the sun looks when it Rises and sets. First time meeting someone In hopes to court them, The look on their face When you’ve expressed what’s Genuinely in your heart, The emotion felt when … More Priceless