No Casanova

What is the precise way to name

A male who’s a slave to lust

And has a troubled mind?

Who have we heard of in the news

That we can refer him to?

Ted Bundy.

Let me tell you this story

A young man on the prowl for a

Damsel in distress

First one, was from a foreign land

Battling addiction

Issues with her hubby

For a while they were lovey dovey

Then she was put on ice.

Second one, a runaway loved ones

Left behind in search of her

Lady wasn’t prepared for what’s yet

To come.

Third one, taken from a city nearby

He abruptly hurt her because she

Wouldn’t comply.

Each lady left her flowers at her feet

All found in strange positions.

There was a fourth but she escaped

The transition.

All roses reported taken

Three will no longer see the dawn.

No he is no casanova.


By Toyhoney


*Based on a true story and crime.


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