King Of Soul

Smoothness of his exquisite vibrato

Resonating with so much passion

And revelation by baring

All through his enriched spirit

With every note expressed

In his own unique tailored way

His gospel vocal techniques

Were deeply laden

In his quartet style roots

As it stirs inside your soul

Making a gourmet

Of sweet melodies

As it enters our hearts

Even as a teenager his talent

Could never be overlooked

A soul singer with pop appeal

Singing about love

And his spiritual beliefs.

He told us through a beautiful song

A change is gonna come.

Having one of the first

Successful black owned record labels

When many said it couldn’t be done.

He definitely was before his time

A genius in both music and business

A mentor of many musicians

Even after his life

Was tragically taken away

His music and legacy

Is still important

And relevant to this day.


By Deon Souldier Ballard


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