He was young,

Wise beyond his years

A rapper,




And a son.

He was raised a soldier

From a mother who was a black


Malcolm X of our time

Even though he succeeded

To higher heights

He never forgot about his people

And their struggles

For he’d been there and was dealing

With a different set of struggles.

Forget the picture the media painted for you

They are never 100%.

In his 25 years he had done and learned a lot

One thing no one took the time to teach him

Was the correct way to fight the enemy

By claiming Our Heavenly Father’s Son.

No he wasn’t a gangster

Yet he had no fear hanging around them.

No he wasn’t a rapist, he was in the wrong place

Around the wrong people

Ended up paying for their crime.

No he was human, not perfect.

A soldier and activist for his people that’s what

Mother Afeni taught him.

‘Brenda’s Got A Baby’, ‘Keep Ya Head Up’ and other

Songs made him the rapper whose music blasted

On millions of stereos.

“The Rose That Grew From Concrete” introduced him

As a poet.

He was and still is loved as the man Tupac Amaru Shakur.



By Toyhoney



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