Love Lost

Man meets young woman

He romantically courts her

After awhile she becomes

Pregnant and later gives

Birth to their only child


They part ways

He marries and starts a

Family with another

The young woman goes on

With her life and has a few more

Children and never marries

Years go by they grow older

The love they shared never


Grandchildren they also share

Gives him an excuse to see her

In his eyes she’s still beautiful

Even with age

She’s respectful of his marriage

Her feelings are kept hidden

Tragedy hits

She’s called home

His chance to love her again

Gone forever

A few years later he falls ill

On his deathbed he calls for her

Wanting to take her dancing

While his wife is sitting there

Holding his hand

Until his last breath he continues

To call for his angel.

When love has called your name

Answer or forever be lost without it.

By Toyhoney

Based on a true story of love lost.

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