Who Shot Me

WHO shot me
Was it cupid
I heard he is packing heat
Instead of arrows
Guns and  lethal bullets
I must be crazy playing
Russian roulette 
With my heart
I repent but she never heard
My pleas
She trying to assassinate
My character having me
On my knees
Love is a serious merger
Never thought it could lead
To self -murder
I knew there are thin lines
This time the lines were
high voltage barb wire
The gun fired at life
I stood so still
No more feeling in the middle
Exited my misery in a blast
Love once knew now broken
My heart needed a cast
I let her have it
She threw it away
So I blew it away
To say ….
I loved her with all my heart
Taking my last bow
Her elevator elevates
As devotion of my world dissipates
Many vapors mystifies
I was gone way before
This happened
As my family cries
I ran away selfishly
From all my
Unsuccessful tries
By Deon Souldier Ballard
(This is not to promote suicide , but to shed light on its abuse .Please get help if you feeling this way check out the number below )

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