Entertaining Lies

Someone hope

Has been built

On a false bed

Since beat it

Was a tune

Laying in my head

Since I was a lad

Remember when

The white-gloved one

Would slide backwards on the floor

Was he truly bad

Was this his real image

Or a well-defined

Carbon copy

Watch hope fly

Away like his thrilling

Album sales

The troubled king and I

Just my thoughts way back

I once adopted

He had truly popped

Out of existence

Where is Elvis

No more

Charts he would top

Was he real Mr. Paul McCartney

Someone said

He died long ago

Once a heart-throb

To women

Of classic rock

Rumors of him

Still echoes

Of him being a robot

Does this ever stop

When entertainers

Flamboyantly display

Next question

Are they truly gay

When most hides

Behind a fake bravado

Insuring their pockets

Are lined like they

Had recently won the lotto

Should I let go of my inquiries

My thoughts I can’t stand

Made for TV

More like made up

For television we don’t see the truth

But we feel its lies

Most of your favorite

Entertainer are wearing a disguise …

I advise hearken to the wise

There are no stars in heaven

One day you may rise

Feel complete and esteemed

In your achievement of your

Flight in our earth open skies







By Deon Souldier Ballard


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