New Year Blessing Cooking

While I’m stewing

Some black eye peas

2019 is the year

Where I believe

The promise of abundance of wealth

In him I would receive

But I know there is much work

In the kitchen of life

I prepare to roll up my sleeves

My 2018 lost

I must not grieve

Milk that has been spilled

Over this counter

I must counteract by learning

To place products in a better place

Where my heart could be more safe


Contains fervent mercy and grace

In 2019 new milk and honey

Would be placed nourishment for the soul

Goals for this year

Surely you can hold ….

I know you are sweaty

High heat of the stove

Is much needed

Inhale your delightful aroma

Waiting for your blessing

Humbly to eat it

Faith in his covenant

That’s placed in your heart and mind

You shall always want to feed it

By Deon Ballard

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