Smiling Faces

I have seen faces with deceptive

Expressions smiling

Yes, faces on the bodies of older

People smiling and laughing at

Things children would

As a young child I have made

Mistakes even found myself in

Some embarrassing situations

One in particular crosses my mind

It was a sunny summer day

Was outside riding my purple 10 speed


I was having fun until I came to a high

Bump in the road

I thought my bike would go over

So I turned my wheel to avoid it

Before I knew it my body was slapped

With cement

I was afraid to know where I was scarred

Expecting sympathy from those who

Witnessed my accident I heard laughter

As the dust cleared I saw their faces

Especially those of my peers and a

Youngboy who supposedly took a liking

To me

At that moment the bleeding gash on my

Knee, the soreness on the left side of my

Face wasn’t important

My neighbors who had been coming to my

House playing cards with my mother

And indulging in her barbecue showed who

They really were

From that moment things were going to change

The one lady who wasn’t standing and laughing

At me,helped me

As she asked if I was okay

Gave me some pearls of wisdom

Up to this day I wear them proudly

I’ve seen faces, smiling faces with deceit

I still do

By Toyhoney

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