No, Not Always

Single parent trying their best to raise

Their children,

Doing the best they can to provide

For them,

No choice but to do it alone until

They’re blessed with a help mate,

Absentee parent is making difficult

For their own selfish reasons.

Keep the faith single parent

Stay on the righteous path

For trouble don’t last always

No, not always.

An unwanted child

Traveling from house to house,

Family to family,

They long for a place to call home

And a family to love and one to

Love them back.

Young one you are wanted, you

Are loved.

Just stay positive and keep believing

For trouble don’t last always,

No, not always.

A husband and wife just married, both families

Fighting against their union trying to tear them


They don’t see that God put them together.

What God has put together, let no man put


Pray and hold on to the Lord’s unchanging hand.

Trouble don’t last always…no, not always.

By Toyhoney

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