Her Love

When you love so hard

But your heart

Becomes so soft

As Egyptian cotton

Forever this devotion

Stays on

While your wait

For her is weak

But your emotions

Are so strong

This embrace is so short

But sweet

In the back of your mind

It becomes a

Twenty four hour event

As the baton of passion

Relays in the spaces

Of your mind

Then you will find

The strength of love

From a woman

Makes a grown man

Fall into a helpless state

But she becomes

Your Florence Nightingale

Nursing you once again

To another peak

She seek as you feel

Her loves is so soft

But its truly real

Something so hard

Can’t help to feel

It’s difficult to leave

Your diamond girl

Just for a brief moment

But through her distance

She would always shine

Follow her light

From the sun

To lead you back

No length apart

Could put asunder

It’s really hard not to have

Your eighth wonder

By Deon Souldier Ballard

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