Dreaming For Others (A poem for Marva Collins)

Raised in her

Total humbleness

From the deep south

A place where

Heart like hers

Could incubate

Unique compassion

For others

Meaning to give without


Her time and knowledge

Used to build minds

As well as character

Inside her

Inner city students

She was giving out

Life lines

Constructing inner visions

For children

Who was blinded

By drugs and violence

Who lacked self esteem

From where they lived

It was so hard for them

To dream of real success

She often criticized


They way they were taught

Wisdom and understanding

She brought in the classrooms

Each day

Took her own retirement


To erect a more effective school

In the impoverish section

Of Chicago

She lived in

The shy town

But her great contributions

And methods of teaching

Became a bold statement

She was even nominated

By two presidents

For the position

Of secretary of education

And won numerous

Awards for her dedication

To teaching and her

Humanitarians efforts

She was even feature

In Prince’s music video

The most beautiful girl

I guess he really knew

She was a real queen

Her evidence she leaves

Us today

In every student

That survived

And also inspiring

Others in business and education

She showed us that you can dream

For others when its hard

For them to do it themselves

By Deon Souldier Ballard

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