The strong and proud Vehicle City,

Home of the Flint Firebirds,

General Motors,

MC Breed,

Mateen Cleaves,

Claressa Shields,

The Dayton Family,

E. Lynn Harris,

Terry Crews,

And Ready For The World.

There’s more to Flint than what

You’ve heard.

My hometown is more than

The water crisis that’s tarnished

It’s rep, no it’s

Hard working people who look

Out for each other

Disrespect and fake behavior isn’t


This city was highly rated when General Motors,

And Buick City were the bread and butter

For families,

Delicious coneys from Angelo’s,

A&W Root Beer on Clio and Pierson Road

Sports games and concerts at the

Atwood Stadium and IMA,

Parades on the holidays on the bricks downtown,

Great burgers from Halo Burger,

Steak and onion sandwiches from Big John,

Back to the Bricks car show in August,

Finger licking tacos at La Azteca

And La Familia Morales.

The negative things that are associated with Flint

Happens in every city in the US of A


No we’re opinionated and passionate about what

We feel and what we must stand and fight for.

By Toyhoney

Atwood Stadium

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