Soul Mated

I wonder if she

Have the same thoughts

As I….

Should I ask?

Why love has not

Taken her hand ?

From a warm soul

That could intertwine

Itself with hers

Just thinking

But with a intense stare

Seconds before I blinked

A tear drops on the floor

But somehow I couldn’t ignore

Before her second tear

Hits her cheek

I knew it

As I wiped it from her face

And I told her

About this empty space

That looked a lot like hers

Sharing our commonality

Telling her long ago my heart

Was impaired and broken

I told her

I had to dislodge this damage

With my own hands

That I had never

Replaced my emptiness

Just added paper

So I wouldn’t

Sound so hollow

When I walked I told

Her I’m ready

For commitment

Asking if she wanted

To be genuinely filled

And what we don’t have

At this moment

We could always

Improvise and build

By Deon Souldier Ballard

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